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International Clients, Quality Leads

Generate quality international leads. Projects are marketed to a larger target of international audiences with specific interest in off plan, new development property investment and acquisition. We give you an added marketing advantage and to increases your sales prospects across a wider array of audiences internationally.

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Event Alert: The Facing Forward Conference 2022

We are pleased to announce that one of Georgia's rapidly growing developers, the Loft Development will be hosting an exciting, knowledge filled real estate conference and the launch ceremony of this a

One Platform, Multiple Exposure.

The Offplan Agency (OA) offers you more than just a marketplace listing. We provide an integrated marketing approach to enhance listings. Properties/projects are promoted and marketed across multiple

We do the marketing, while you focus on Sales.

While you focus on closing on your current leads, let us enhance your marketing and help you achieve maximum exposure to generate more quality leads that quickly translate into sales. Our strategic ma


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